Capture market share

There is a wide range of people looking forward to be your client, and a big fight to deal to get them… but you are not alone and fortunately we have a toolbox full of strategies to help you.

Web positioning strategy for internet visibility that implements a balance of Search Engine Positioning (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), and Visitor Experience Optimization (VEO) in order to drive visitors to your web site.

Geomarketing, to pin the world hot spots for your business and focus the marketing strategy on them. Collecting data, sampling, etc.

Working through the hotel-OTAs (Online Travel Agencies: TripAdvisor, Booking, Venere, Expedia…) relationships, driving occupancy with a strategic balance with different means of distribution.

Social Media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest…) and Online reputation management, monitoring the reputation of your business to emphasize the good feedbacks and control the users experiences to influence the buzz marketing and your hotel’s online image. We care about the long tail effect, and you?

Conversion: A looker into a booker

Once the clients are sailing your hotel’s website, you need to make them fall in love with what they found and guide them to BOOK.

You need to care about emails, calls, and every kind of communication with your clients because they are extremely important to get the desired conversion. Check our tools and trainings for your staff. Your clients will thank you for it.

Friendly navigation website, where the user can easily find the hotel’s information, interact and explore the website and feel attracted by a professional eye-catching photography work. Giving room for usability concepts application, to break all the barriers between your clients and you and finally dust off the contact form.

A booking engine to facilitate the reservation process and motivate the looker to commit to your place trough the E-commerce technology. Not only that, but the automatic update of the availability will save you a lot of time  and will show the real offer of your place. This tool will also allow you offer the clients many extra services and promotions and tempt them to buy all what you want and not just a room.

User’s trust-building blog, to inform the users about what is going on on your place, get them close to you and get them willing to book.

Foster clients loyalty

Now that you have the clients, it is time to make them your best allies and marketing tool. Make them spread the word and encourage raving fans instead of just punctual clients.

No need to say that the customers service is the first step to make your clients happy.

From that very first moment when the clients enter your hotel, or even when they book a room in it, they need to feel spoiled. All the communications with every single client, by email, by phone, or face to face, has to be professional and personalised. The reception, the way to talk to them, to guide them to their rooms, to give them information and to say goodbye, are also part of the strategy to foster your clients loyalty. Educate your workers and get ready to win.

Use the Social Media, not just to catch new clients but to keep the relationship with the old ones. Facebook, Twitter, etc… can be great tools to foster that link between your business and your clients, and also to support the conversion step, with the Facebook Booking Engine.

Keep your lovers informed about the news of your place with a professional and attractive Newsletter.

Use the satisfaction survey to get to know the real opinion of your customers, improve your business analysing the statistics and make them feel you really care about their experience at your place.

Manage the online reputation of your business, caring about your clients comments in the OTAs and Social Media, and generating positive feedbacks and online experiences.