High Technology

Speed and efficiency online: Always updated with the latest technology (HTML5, CSS4, Redundant infrastructures, SSL security, dedicated IPs,…). Everything is ready and optimized for a great load speed and a perfect web indexation for the browsers.

Usability for the new devices – perform online functions on mobile devices that have desktop-class browsers (Smartphones, tablets, etc.) by offering functionality optimized for the small screen size.

IA → Information Architecture. Organised and labelled data transformed into results.  Make your place intuitive and friendly, give your content a meaning.

Independent web content management, images and texts are easily editable with a basic computer knowledge.

Security: Role-based authorization, encryption (industry standards) and PCI compliant – ready for your business. POS debit systems to guarantee the safest transactions.

Hearty branding

Brand building, adapted and personalised to your business. Strong image and identity with associated guidelines to implement that specific something that makes your place different and special. Identity manual for the interpretation, control and application of the brand.

Brands create costumers.

Dress to impress. Professional photography and video work, specialised in the hotel industry. We don’t record images, we show an experience.

Because the details make a huge difference, we care about the daily life at your business:

  • Restaurant menus, surveys, advertisements inside your hotel, guides, info panels and all the displays people will see in your hotel.
  • PDF’s documents, customised stamps, document templates.
  • Flyers, cards, posters, calendars, envelopes and further documents.


“A well informed employee, that understands the organizations brand, is the best salesperson a company can have”.
Bob Branson, Montana Brand Development

The extension of your identity needs to be applied to your staff, each of your workers is part of your business and should be trained in the business brand for the general benefit of the enterprise and the specific objectives of the branding strategy.

Your employees need to feel they belong to your brand, feel it close to them and understand it in order to work in the same way.

Train your employees:

  • language courses
  • customer service
  • rates and revenue management
  • availability management
  • software and hardware