Reservations management

There is a wide variety of tools in the market to manage your online reservations. A good booking engine, automatically updating the real availability of your hotel along with a Channel Manager to keep the OTAs under control will save you from overbookings; the payments management for specific offers or deposits for reservations, the No-Show guarantee, and many more.

Web/blog content manager

Keep your site alive, share what’s going on on your hotel, the offers, the adventures, the recipes you are trying at the kitchen of your restaurant…

Clients manager

Update your clients data base, get to know how to use it and keep your clients updated with the last news of the hotel.

Offers manager

The offers section is the most visited page of your website and the one that generates more traffic. It is therefore the one you should change often. Get to know how to post an offer, when it is the best time to post it, how to do it and how to manage them.


Track the return and engagement traffic, check your target audience, determine goals and  create a marketing plan with Google Analytics.

Events & Activities management and marketing

Many clients are looking for something more than a room in a hotel with nice facilities, they also want to live an experience there. That is why many hotels have seen a notorious increase on the number of clients from the moment they started to organise events and activities.

Keep control on the extension of your brand identity (flyers, cards, email answers, formal documents, pins, pens, uniforms…), your clients need to recognise your colours, your logo, the smell of your place… your personality! To feel it close and a part of their lives.

Effective Internal staff communication

Make sure employees see the important news, apply the brand with the desktop alert tool and facilitate the communication to increase their engagement through the Staff Social Media and Newsletter.

Technical maintenance and support

software, hardware, servers, programming development, security systems… they all need to be updated and well kept.