Thanks to the booking engine you will be able to:

Sell your rooms in real time: The users will book on line, pay a deposit, the full reservation or just to leave their credit card details as a guarantee for the hotel.  The client and the hotel will automatically receive an email confirmation. All this in a confidential, quick and safe way. Get your lookers into bookers!


Visitor   ᐳ   BOOKING ENGINE   ᐳ  Client

Set you offer easily: Get your rates and availability updated in real time, booking terms and conditions, extra services, promotions, packs, VIP access to your corporative clients or travel agents.

You set:

  • Rates (High/low season, weekends, rooms, by occupancy scenarios…)
  • Extra services (Champaing bottle, flowers, breakfast, late check-out…)
  • Packs and promotions (3×2, children for free , 20%…)
  • Specific conditions of the booking (minimum/maximum stay, booking anticipation, deposit %, cancellation policy…)

The engine manages:

Availability: automatically updated after each booking. You won’t need to worry about managing each reservation. Once you have set up the initial availability, the booking engine will update it automatically.

On line payments: in order to make a booking, the client provides the credit card details and authorises the hotel to debit the stipulated amount in case of No Show or late cancellations. The treatment of this personal details and the transactions are always safe and confidential.

Booking confirmation: The client and the hotel automatically receive a booking confirmation with the client and hotel details, and the terms and conditions. This gives the client a lot of confidence about the place he is booking at and avoids having any misunderstandings about the reservations.

Find also the booking engine for Smartphones and Facebook.