Small details make the difference

We always talk about how to foster client’s loyalty, how to make our guests feel comfortable and give that personal touch to make the difference. Well, now it’s time to materialise it so, keep reading and don’t miss these super ideas.

Frame a nice quote and hang it in the room, if the client is staying for more than a night, change the quote. You can have a few models and exchange them between rooms. Make your client feel positive every morning.

If you have a booking engine, display some fruit pictures just at the end of the reservation and make your client choose his favourite fruit. Do not explain why. When your client arrives, he will find a small basket with the fruits he chose and a small card to express your gratitude for choosing your hotel.

In the morning, when the cleaning service does the rooms, leave a flower, shell, etc., with a card saying “We hope you had a wonderful day”

When you give the client the hotel’s invoice, instead of making it cold and just formal, give the client a great smile and present the invoice in a funny box. Spuntino restaurant in Mexico DF gives it inside of a cheese grater!

Some restaurants and hotels give the invoice inside of a mysterious medium size notebook, when the client opens it, he will find the invoice and a page to write about the experience in the restaurant/hotel, suggestions, what he/she liked, etc. It is much more personal than a boring survey, and the client can also read the comments from previous customers.

Many clients use twitter to share their activities and tag themselves in restaurants and hotels. They also comment about how they feel in that hotel/restaurant. Some hotels are already using this information to please their clients. If they read a twit like “lying by the pool and dying for a Mojito – at Second Valley Hotel”, they will surprise him with a waiter going to the pool and offering him a Mojito.

Pay attention to birthdays, leave a small present at the client’s room and with him a happy birthday with a nice and elegant note. You can always leave a small cake with a candle in the fridge and leave a note on the table guiding the client to the fridge.

Think about what would surprise you, then do it. You will get the people talking about your place.

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